Thoughts feed feelings.
Feelings activate the body.
It cannot tell the difference
between a real snake
and an imagined snake.

Fear stifles its breathing
accelerates its heartbeat
and makes it sweat.

The pretty girl
in your imagination
or pornographic video
produce the same reaction
as the pretty girl in real-time sunshine
stretched out on the park bench.

The body prepares itself for action
for the real snake and the imagined snake,
for the video girl and the park bench girl.
It cannot tell the difference
between the imagined and the real.

All demagogues (and advertisers) know this.
They pump you up with your imaginations
through your thoughts via your ears and eyes.
These take over your body
and send it out to fulfill
its artificially created desires
to riot or lynch or rape
(or empty your credit
in the shopping malls).

Books, music, viral gossip, propaganda, TV,
which do you use to feed your thinking mind?
Gnome says:
When you stop thinking
all your problems disappear.

Who can aspire
to this ultimate wisdom?


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