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Looking with dispassion,with equanimity,with detachment,doesn’t it shine brighter than a thousand suns?And in every minute particular? The broken wingthe severed fingerthe uncompleted life‘the smyler with the knife’the loss of all things dearthe smell of fearspirochaetes, viruses and germsand the ever-chewing … Continue reading

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The great gates hangon broken hinges,the temples blaze,the walls are breached;the palaces have all been lootedthe end of a dynasty has been reached. Those still livinghave all been taken,women and children have been sold;the last king hangsfrom the palace lintel,the … Continue reading

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Thoughts feed feelings.Feelings activate the body.It cannot tell the differencebetween a real snakeand an imagined snake. Fear stifles its breathingaccelerates its heartbeatand makes it sweat. The pretty girlin your imaginationor pornographic videoproduce the same reactionas the pretty girl in real-time … Continue reading

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  IRestingmy shoe and my chin on the gate,I thought I knewhow animals must suffer. Jostling in the concrete slaughterhouse,their sweattheir fearsoaks meand the stench of their faeceschokes meand stifles my lungs.          IIThought-raindoesn’t wet.Taught-paincannot forget;(sinks in deeperthan the brain.) … Continue reading

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