A dry June
and roses and honeysuckle
tumble in riotous flower
down the path, below the gate,
in anticipation of drought.

They rush slowly
(keeping vegetable time)
towards the battlefield
of fern and bramble
which flows,
to the cliff edge.
Beyond, the sea.

The mind takes on the colour
of what it shines through.
What it shines through
are the products of mind itself
from all our yesterdays.
This is the dance
of the mind
with its creations
(eternity with the products of time);
a slow and formal cosmic dance
to the silent music of the void.
This wonderful and mechanistic dance
flows on because the dancers
are somnambulant.
Who will wake them?

The Palm trees
have flowered
for the first time;
pushing ungainly spikes
in sprays of flowers like jasmine.

Paint a tiger
on the wall.
Turn and run
(in case it catches you).


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Lee Rigby was killed.

He was identified
as a Defender
of his Country.

His Killer will receive
the full protection
of that Country
and its lawyers.

The Killer’s religion
will continue to receive
the full protection
due to an endangered species.

That Country’s Prime Minister
will continue the dismemberment
of his Country’s Church and Constitution,
begun by his predecessors.

The Rich will continue to get richer.
The Poor will continue to get poorer.

Such is the country
that he died
to serve.

Verily I say unto you,
they have their reward.

(All of them…)

(Seven years on today from his murder on a London street in 2013…)



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If you reconcile
two of God’s creatures,
you forge a link
with God himself.


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The forest is dense and undisturbed,
the trees high and overshading,
the birdsong harsh and shrill,
the giant cicadas persistent
like throbbing brass.

Paths have been cleared
and wooden bridges laid
over a latticework of hot yellow streams.
These infiltrate the vegetation
and send up clouds of steam.

They lead to waterfalls
where the water runs and jumps and spills
down through a series of pools
and shallow basins.
The water has smoothed and rounded the rock
and fossilized submerged roots.
The heat and minerals
prevent moss growing on the rocks
and they are unslippery underfoot.
Each pool is hot mineral bath and jacuzzi
in the middle of a jungle.
Birdwing butterflies glide through light and shadows
and skim the glittering waters.
There are no mosquitoes here.


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Where it is thought that treasure lies,
the mind is drawn because of ties.

Where the treasure is not thought,
no mind is born and nothing sought.


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In the Beginning, God walked
with Adam in the cool of the day.
Despite hearing the Truth
from God’s own mouth,
Adam did not heed Him.

Later, God sent prophets
to be his tongues.
Despite hearing the Truth
from God’s own prophets,
Adam’s descendants did not heed them.
Many were imprisoned,
stoned or even crucified.

Now, in this New Age,
God has chosen living men
to be His eyes and ears and not His tongue.
Their task is to perceive,
accurately and without prejudice,
all that happens Here.

What they see is transmitted
to God’s Control Room,
which is beyond our understanding.
Reward and Punishment
is now swift and unerring.

Now, what we see and experience
here, in our world, is entirely appropriate
to what we are doing, here, in our world,
and what we entirely deserve.


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“All roads lead to Rome”,
they say;
and travel on the struggles and tracks
onwards to their long-lost Home.

But if they start with Rome at their backs?
And their faces away from the Celestial City?
All roads lead away!

The further you go,
the further astray.


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