Walking On
is not just a matter
of feet
measuring out
the streets
of this world;
or the clatter
of railway tracks
dwindling to a point
in the far-off, backward-looking,
which has now become the past.

Nor is it the Ocean Liner
slipping out of port,
pushing through waves
which break
and form again
in its wake
and become the past.

Nor is it Heathrow
with little pockets of human misery;
its loudspeakers
calling this one,
telling that one where to go
whom to contact;
sending its iron birds buzzing through the Void.

Nor moving sand
filling the footprints
of the beachcomber.

It is not the Divorce Court
apportioning the family property,
its houses and wardrobes,
bank accounts and children;
everything divided, neatly, into two.

It is not the New Year’s Resolution
the half-effort, half-prayer
of one who finds himself
at rock-bottom, needing a new solution,
(sensing the rocks giving way beneath him).

It is the cleansing of the Heart
with the tears of letting go
what is now too heavy
to possess.

It is the cleansing of the Mind
with the light of understanding,
chasing out shadows
it is no longer necessary
to repress.

It is the cleansing of Conscience
seeing what is obvious,
giving it the courage
to confess.

It is the cleansing of the Spirit
which identifies itself
with absolutely nothing
(and nothing less!).


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Evil is the Great Magician
which blinds the inner vision
the painting on its face
disorientates the eye,
the quickness of its hand through space
deceives the sly.

The conjuror peddles his illusions,
the world his backdrop and his stage,
his victims, living beings enmeshed in their delusions
who find their thoughts become a living cage.
They end as karmic prisoners like the living dead
trussed in silken thoughts made of magic spider’s thread.

Goodness is the golden key
which shows your face to me
which seeks what’s true
and shows my face to you;
unlocks the heart of everyman
and sets his spirit free.


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The world still piles
storm on storm,
(though happiness remains the norm).

The spider mind spins
thought on thought
(and in its own web still is caught).

The Sun (still) shines
in a bucket of water
(and doesn’t


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The great Foundation on which all things rest
is soon lost sight of, soon forgot,
fails to hold man’s interest
as entanglements lead to great confusion
(due to the power of the great Illusion);
until he cannot see what is real
and what is not.

A slight vibration in the ear
makes the whole wide world appear
with laugh and shout, wind and rain,
grief and heartache, joy and pain
singing along a thin membrane.
Machines and sermons – all are here
in the slight vibration of the human ear.

Disconnect the electronic train
which links it to the human brain.
A sudden silence fills the head.
The mind feeds on itself instead.
A thousand voices it can hear
can cause a myriad images appear.

Let go.  Let go.  Let go.
Let go what’s in and what’s outside
and seek not for another place to hide.
The silent stillness waits like a drawn arrow
to leap into the void and space.
A raindrop falls into the sea
(losing of moisture not a trace)
but finding out at last how, finally, to Be.


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The fretful Tiger in a rage
prowls the confines of his cage.
Do not feed him. Pass him by.
And, of himself, he’ll surely die.

The Gypsy, with her crystal ball,
promises to tell you all.
Do not cross her palm with gold.
Leave your future woes untold.

The wave that towers above the sea
and rubs its chin against the sky,
subsides where it will ever be.
(Not being born, how can it die?)

Delve into your heart divine
(discarding thoughts of yours and mine).
Permeate the stillness there
and of its Silence be aware.

(Poem from BLONDIN)

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E = MC2

C is the speed of Light
Only Light can travel at C
Nothing can travel
faster than light
along the motor ways
and byroads of the brain
with its electrochemical signs.

Electro-powered Thought is restrained by C.
But, once freed from the shapings
of the last vestige of subtle matter,
it can escape
the neurochemical chatter
and travel instantaneously
and free.

Parking up on the hard shoulder,
you can get out
and wander across the fields.

The speed cameras
are unlikely to steal your image
and if they do
they cannot read your registration number.

Motorway Maintenance
will deal with anything you leave behind.

Energy and Matter
are different forms
of the same thing.
Like ice and water.
Matter turns into Energy,
Energy turns into Matter.
That is all ye know or need to know.


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Journeying from the beginning
(of which there is no beginning),
travelling for millions of years
(which cannot be measured in millions or years),
I have come,
and go on.
No stopping.
Just the onward movement
into the illimitable.
For ever.

No need to blame the wicked,
their shadows are at their heels.
No need to fear for the good,
haloes of light enclose them in splendour.
No need to talk of escape.
Escape from this prison
is a doorway into the prison yard
and back again.

This prison is moving
and all-encompassing.
There is nothing outside it
to be escaped into.
There is no escape from.
There is only stopping.
Where there is stopping, how can there be movement?
If there is no movement, how could there be a prison?

(Poem from BLONDIN)

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