Cast up on a desert island,
hut to be erected,
food to be found.

Making something I can call ‘my land’
to protect and be protected
on my own ground.

Another somewhere
to be hot and cold in.
A here (or there)
to be young (grow old) in.

Another invitation
to play Now or Never
(and earn consolation
for Honest Endeavour).

Another attempt
to eat Pie in the Sky
(and hear their contempt
as the Seagulls float by).

With sweat and grunts the Cosmic Mole
digs ever deepwards to his Own Goal.
And when he makes it to his brand new lair
he finds his footprints are already There!


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“God is good.”

Not quite right.
“Why not?”
That follows the stumbling way.

To the chopping off of hands
in Mecca and Medina.
Or to the world’s most valuable art collection
in the Vatican.
Or to the crucifixion of prophets
in Jerusalem.
Or to the brainwashing
of the Poor by the Rich.

“What about this?”

“Good is God.”

Spot on! Why?
That follows the straight- forward way,
the Path of Ethics.

To not doing to other Living Beings
what you would not want done to yourself.

To Happiness, Peace and Salvation.


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Papa Francis says
He and each of his priests
can forgive abortion.

Abortion is a label for killing.

Papa is wrong.

The only killer
Papa can forgive
is the man
who assassinates
Papa himself.
This is true
for his cohorts of priests too.

Only God can forgive all killing.

If He chooses to.

Es audiendo, Papa?


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breeds expectation.

leads to frustration.

is a suicide bomber.

Flowers of the Void
are not so easily destroyed.
Insubstantial from the start,
they shine on
in each empty heart.


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The less I label
the more I see.
The more I see
the more I be.

The more I be
the more I able.
The more I able,
the less I label.


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In the Beginning
(or perhaps a little later)
there was I.

And then, because I was lonely,
there was me.

And we got on like a house on fire!
And, so that we could have something in common,
there was mine.
And we got on like a house on fire.
(Very much like a house on fire!)

And then you came along
and spoilt everything
because you wanted yours;
and what you called yours
was actually mine.

And to make matters worse,
you brought him with you;
and he wanted his.

And although he could have shared yours,
he didn’t. He wanted it all to himself.
And he wanted mine.

And so it all went wrong.
There was the Spanish Armada
and the French Revolution
and the Second World War
and Vietnam
and Tony Blair
and it’s all such a mess!

And yet, it started out so well!


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Man invents and Man becomes
the slave of his invention –
Time-clock invention.
Maintenance and breakdown.
Marriage the chains of Marital Fidelity.
Governments and the laws
of taxes and repression.
Medical Science and the slavery
of Pharmaceutical Propaganda.

Clothing, the Tyranny of Brand Names,
clothing factories for Indian children.
Agriculture and deserts.
Churches and the theft
of their Spiritual Foundation Stones.
Houses, Maintenance and Mortgages.

Above all, Work.
You work to lead the Life
you think you choose.
You end up living to work
without the Freedom
that you chose to lose.
Motor cars: traffic jams, pollution, tail-backs.
Science, microscopes, telescopes,
instead of spiritual vision.

Egoic self and dissolution
binds you with your own tether
and makes you the witness
to their (and your)
painful dissolution.
Collect all of your inventions together!
See what we have traded
for the uninvented treasures
of this world.


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The more I label
the less I am able
to see.

The more I see
the less I am able
to label.

(They call it Dementia.)


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The buzzing in the Brain
forms a screen
so that what is really quite plain
is hardly heard or seen
ubiquitous and trans-eternal Pain.

drifting on the winds of space,
leaves from the Tree of Time;
telling the Seasons,
warning of disasters to come,
(or already here),
of evil lapping at the threshold,
of the omnipresent worm,
of the spider spinning his web in the palaces of kings,
of the need for mindfulness,
and purity.


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Viewpoints are
piano players.
They press your keys.
They show you
what you don’t like.

You hate.

Hate triggers energy.

Energy turns viewpoints
into Action.

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