A boy carrying dead body of his little brother to a cremation pyre, after the atomic bombing of Nagasaki on
August 9, 1945.

The antique fowling piece
reveals the skills
of the gunsmith
and forges his link
with the blood stained feathers.

Einstein’s equation (E = mc2)
made the atomic bomb
theoretically possible.

Szilárd’s fission using uranium, 
made a nuclear chain reaction possible.
“I never thought of that!” said Einstein.

Einstein signed the letter to Roosevelt.
This put the fowling piece in the Hunter’s hand.

“I made one great mistake in my life…
when I signed the letter to President Roosevelt
recommending that atom bombs be made;”


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In the Beginning, God walked
with Adam in the cool of the day.
Despite hearing the Truth
from God’s own mouth,
Adam did not heed Him.

Later, God sent prophets
to be his tongues.
Despite hearing the Truth
from God’s own prophets,
Adam’s descendants did not heed them.
Many were imprisoned,
stoned or even crucified.

Now, in this New Age,
God has chosen living men
to be His eyes and ears and not His tongue.
Their task is to perceive,
accurately and without prejudice,
all that happens Here.

What they see is transmitted
to God’s Control Room,
which is beyond our understanding.
Reward and Punishment
is now swift and unerring.

Now, what we see and experience
here, in our world, is entirely appropriate
to what we are doing, here, in our world,
and what we entirely deserve.


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(Matthew 25: 14-30)

What are these talents?
Nuggets of consciousness.

How to make good use of them?
Bring consciousness to where you are.

Allow yourself to be a vehicle
for Divine Consciousness.
Allow the Divine to see through you.
Give it your eyes
to see its creation
at work and play.

Thus do you acknowledge and accept
and become its eyes
and, if needed, give it your mouth
and your hands
to illumine the darkness of those
who live in unconsciousness.

He who buried his nugget in the earth
embalmed his consciousness
within this mortal frame
and called it
“my body”;
called the shard of consciousness
“my mind”.

When the time of reckoning came,
this man’s talent went back to its source
and “own body” returned to the dust.

Those who invested the gift of
Divine Consciousness in its own creation
became one with Divine Consciousness.

They did not look back at their bodies
returning to feed
the Terrestrial Compost Heap
in voluntary dissolution.

For unto every one that hath shall be given,
and he shall have abundance:
but from him that hath not
shall be taken away even that which he hath.


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Trace it all back as far as you can
from where it ends up to where it began:
From knife to the hand,
from hand to the eye;
from footprints on sand
to the sun in the sky.

Trace it back further to where it begins
to the gateways and windows where all things get in.

How the scent is not the rose
but the hairs that line the nose.
The seascape is the roving eye,
the pancake the swelling tongue.
Mozart is what you hear
and his place is in the ear.

And all the subtle sensations that impinge upon the skin
flare their little on/off switches in the mind that shines within.


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The Faith Homes of the World,
Buddhist, Moslem, Christian,
have acquired spiritual bolt-ons
built by enterprising entrepreneurs
whose Collection Boxes
funnel the money into hands
that have slipped in between the sheets.

Thou shalt not kill.
(but needst not strive
officiously to keep alive.)

Thou shalt not eat animals
which have warm blood.
(But it’s OK to drain the blood out first
and then go on and eat
until you’re fit to burst!)

Give all you have to the poor and follow me.
(But don’t take the risk
it might fall into the wrong hands
and be wasted.
Give it to priest or mullah.)

There was a time when
the treasures in the Vatican
would have cancelled the Third World Debt.
(But they’re worth much more than that now;
and we keep them safe with tight security,
not for the benefit of the Just,
but for the Future’s Moth and Rust.)

Cometh the Apocalypse
which will revert to Default Settings
and truly “he” shall have his just reward.


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Sailing through interstellar spaces,
putting cosmic surf horses through their paces;
clouds of astral dust following non-existent faces,
looking for a rendez-vous in imaginary places.

Why does the mental traveller carry so much precious treasure?
Hoard it, hide it, fight for it
(and repent it at his leisure).
Bury it and lose the map
(and wonder where he hid it).

A voice
in the cosmic wilderness,
crying out, “I did it!”


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The cat sits
in the Provost’s chair!

being devoid
of Right Understanding,
has become Worldly Savoir-Faire.

(poem from OXFORD BLUES)


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In the Present
everything gets done

From the window of the mind,
the Future is there
where the consequences wait.

The mind invents this Future
in order to see consequences
there, not here,
and move towards them.

If these consequences
are seen as essential
and realisable,
the mind is Hope.

If they are seen as essential
but unrealisable,
the mind is Despair.


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He has dirty feet;
“Washing is dangerous
wash much, sicken and die.”
He wears a short black jacket
and floppy black trousers.
A large silver lock hangs round his neck.
She has a blue jacket
and a tightly pleated kilt
of hemp and cotton
with heavily embroidered
and weighted black sashes.
They stand quite still,
look without curiosity
but with open smiles.

Every three or four years their village
moves to a new part of the jungle
and burns the trees and undergrowth.
In the mixture of ash and soil
they grow maize and opium.
They are always on the move.
A hundred years ago they were
driven out of Burma and Yunnan.
They have been driven out of the valleys.
As Hill tribes they are objects of curiosity.
Formerly, the British Government in Burma,
the French in Laos,
the Siamese and Chinese
all bought their opium.
Now their former customers
tell them opium is bad,
they must grow tea or coffee.
They still grow opium
and the Thai police sent to stop them
tax them instead.
Sometimes they pay the tax in opium.
To them it is all the same;
being moved on,
selling their crops,
bribes and taxes
and being poor.

They want to live, they have to pay.
They are objects of curiosity to tourists
and cash crops for missionaries.


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My Lord Archbishop’s
grandfather was a German Jewish immigrant,
among those who have suffered
the sufferings
of his forefathers.

My Lord Archbishop was educated at Eton
among those who have inherited
the inheritances
of their forefathers.

These included a Prime Minister who submitted
My Lord Archbishop’s nomination
to the Queen.

What was the job description
for My Lord Archbishop’s exalted office?

If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor,
and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me.

My Lord Archbishop
studied Law at Cambridge University.

(This is the law of mankind:
Statutory law,
millions of pages,
millions of words
and punishments
by men on men
as part of the struggle
of man against man
for freedom, power and possessions.

Divine law is different:
“The Lord is One;
Thou shalt love the Lord thy God
with all thy heart,
with all thy soul,
with all thy mind,
and love thy neighbour as thyself.”

You don’t need a BA in Law,
from Cambridge University
to learn twenty-nine words.)

While waiting for Jesus to call,
My Lord Archbishop
worked in the Oil Industry.

My Lord Archbishop
has not risen like a lotus from the mud,
to open the door to the Kingdom of Heaven
but like a financial executive from
the industry which causes
oil to rise from the mud.

Nor does he heal the sick by passing
on the Holy Spirit with his hands…

“The other day
I was praying over something
as I was running
and I ended up saying
to God:
‘Look this is all very well
but isn’t it about time
you did something
– if you’re there.’ ”

As a member of the House of Lords,
My Lord Archbishop sits
on the panel
of the Parliamentary Commission
on Banking Standards.



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