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The Juggler throwshis batons at the sun.The sky throws them back againlike rain,each and every one. Surely by now he knowswhat it is he’s gaining? Come Mr. Juggler,look at it from your point of view,just how long has it been … Continue reading

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Space you measure in feet and inchesand shoes by where your big toe pinches;seasons by cherry, rose and snow,when may comes and swallows go:empires by rise and fall of kings;weather by rain and drought and flood; dead trees by whether … Continue reading

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The world still pilesstorm on storm,(though happiness remains the norm). The spider mind spinsthought on thought(and in its own web still is caught). The Sun (still) shines in a bucket of water(and doesn’tgetwet). .

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What is that sound?Like the trailing of a fanthrough a silent anteroom? It is the murmur of airruffling leaves. It is the herald of the whirlwindwhich will strip those leaves from their treesand wrench the trees from the hillsideand blast … Continue reading

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There is no time in Paradise! Do not worry. Do not hurry. If the kettle is too small it will not spoil it to fill it twice and boil it. There is no time in Paradise. Until they count the … Continue reading

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China-bound girl, not-yet-happiness-made-her-found girl. Airport-station-taxis girl, brand-new-outside-sensations girl. Three-plus champagnes-anything can-do girl, anywhere-go preferably-Katmandu girl. From-past-sadness-ever-fleeing girl, balanced-on-the-very-edge-of seeing girl. Wonderful-from-the-very-beginning girl, so-afraid-of–losing-she-must-be-always-winning girl. So-shy-her-confidence-is overwhelming girl, she-keeps-her-captains-firmly-at-their-helms-ing girl. China-bound girl, Love at her heels, how does she think what … Continue reading

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Jupiter spins, they say, three times as fast as earth and thus enjoys a shorter day. They say the sun will grow and then, at last, burn up the planets which lie in its way. They say, the universe is … Continue reading

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