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In a flatyou thinkyou could scream yourself to deathand not be heard.Pressing your cheekagainst the cool of the sink.One breathupon another breath.No wordfor that. In a room,you sufferinside door,walls, ceiling, floor.You could shout,you could walk out,it’s not a tomb. In … Continue reading

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All drink from the same pond,Pride is out of place(there is no owner).Humility is out of place(it is inverted Pride). Enough that drinkers drink freelyand do not erect fences facing. Set out to fence in a small pond,you end up … Continue reading

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You can kicka stone lionas often as you like. Though it will hurtyour foot,you can neverpersuade itto bite you. Everymanhis own prison makesand keeps his peaceat bay. .

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Not friendly pretends to be friendly. BuddhaMāraMaya. Frees youEnslaves youDeceives you. You. .

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We fill the time twixt sleep and sleepto stop the thoughts dig down too deepfor they have messages to keepthat what you sow is what you reap. .

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Babies do not crythrough choice.It’s just their suffering giving voice;wishing to share itwith someone like you who can bear it. In Latin this someone is called mater. Nowaday’s-English comes much later,and I cannot find a word to translate her. .

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Tinker Tailor Soldier SailorEveryman is his own gaoler;shuts the door and turns the key,ends up where he wants to be,looking at what he needs to seeyou for you and me for me. As Māra teaches so we are taught.As a … Continue reading

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I wish I was a millionairecould take it all and give it youand you and youand you and you and youand send you off to let you dojust what it is you want to. Use it and be right. And … Continue reading

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Look for it, you will not find.Flee it, you cannot escape.It shines, unbidden in your mind,is both the shadow and the shape.You cannot hold, or change or lose it.You cannot welcome or refuse it.You did not make or break or … Continue reading

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The Juggler throwshis batons at the sun.The sky throws them back againlike rain,each and every one. Surely by now he knowswhat it is he’s gaining? Come Mr. Juggler,look at it from your point of view,just how long has it been … Continue reading

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