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Going out there is no other,coming back there is no trace.Though we must love one another,whose is the beloved’s face? Start from wherever you think you wish to,you cannot end up in a different place.Examine carefully the mirrors around you.All … Continue reading

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In the Beginning. God walked with Adam in the cool of the day.Despite hearing the Truth from God’s own mouth,Adam did not heed Him. Later,God sent prophets to be his tongues.Despite hearing the Truth from God’s own prophets,Adam’s descendants did not … Continue reading

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As you contemplate your worldsliding into darkness and conflictand your leaders just WILL not help youbut just scramble among themselvesfor the bits and pieces left over,                    well…           If you can’t stop it,            Best jump off it!           As Sophocles said.      “Not to be born is … Continue reading

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In the Jungle of the Worldand the tangle of the Senseswe build us huts of mud and heartacheand make (and mend) our fragile fences.“This is ME! This is MINE!”is the burden of our song. We cannot see, still less define,that … Continue reading

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Time drifts away,as mist fades on the mountain.The world itself is hardly more substantial.The living water springingfrom life’s fountain runs dry,leaving discarded bonesbleaching in the sun. Molecules of arms and legs and brainare rebels all and would be free againand … Continue reading

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Lift the screen and see the world,the world you made as you passed by,wrought with greed and raw desire,your image flying in the sky. .

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Though the weekend peopleleave it all behind,when they sit down quietlyit’s all there in their mind. And though they leave their footprintsto commemorate their stay,when the cosmic tide comes in,it washes them away. The sand, the rocks, the buildingsthough private … Continue reading

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