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Freedom from the Past is the Present. Freedom from the Future is the Present. The Present is a crack that runs through the universe. Into it everything disappears like snowflakes into a bonfire. For Māra’s people, the Present is a … Continue reading

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Treninnow Lane is tangled dark and overgrown with angled beech and arching sycamore. No cars drive down and fern and nettle, dandelion and dock slumber in this extraordinary summer’s heat. Spiders’ webs are spun tight and Speckled Woods and Tortoiseshells … Continue reading

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It was different in the past. Especially in the village. Before you could read Before there were newspapers Before there was radio Before there were telephones Before there were films Before there was TV Before there were computers Before there … Continue reading

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Walk On Walking On is not just a matter of feet measuring out the streets of this world; or the clatter of railway tracks dwindling to a point in the far-off, backward-looking, which has now become the past. Nor is … Continue reading

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