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Why did they spend so much time therein the anteroom of death?What could they prepare?Paper possessions as light as breathwere too heavy for their dead to bearaway from the fire.Why did they keep their eyeson pyramid, tomb and funeral pyre?Even … Continue reading

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Learning out and learning inboth from now and here begin. Going back to change the clockyesterday’s secrets will not unlock. Writing plans on your diary’s pagemakes nothing happen (except old age). Singing old songs,reciting old parts,rights no wrongs,breeds more false … Continue reading

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We raised our hats to you, Mr Lincoln.We believed every word that you said.And when life spilled into darknessin a night of theatre,we believed, even though you were dead. From the decay that was Europe, we sent you our sonsto … Continue reading

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  IRestingmy shoe and my chin on the gate,I thought I knewhow animals must suffer. Jostling in the concrete slaughterhouse,their sweattheir fearsoaks meand the stench of their faeceschokes meand stifles my lungs.          IIThought-raindoesn’t wet.Taught-paincannot forget;(sinks in deeperthan the brain.) … Continue reading

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Chinese New Yearalways comes in February. (Usually.) This is the lastof the twelve year cycle;the Year of the Pig. Processions, dragon dances,fireworks and smoke,cymbals and drums. The Chinese close their shops,do not sweep their housesand pay respectto the Ancestors.They put … Continue reading

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Long Wig up on his High Chairstares at Long Hair standing therebelow him in the dock.‘I cannot deviate from the Law,’he says, glancing at the clock.‘This is my decision.Six months without remission.Oh, and yes, with hard labour.’ ‘Decision’ ‘Remission’ ‘Hard … Continue reading

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In the grey mist of an English dawn,the starling stamps and prods and probesand generally disturbsthe lawn,seeking to confirman English proverb. Beneath the green of an English lawn,the patient wormcatchesthe bird. In this numbingcosmic dance,each one gives and takes his … Continue reading

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