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According to the manuals,they are everywhere.How is it, then, that Icannot see them? Under my feet,in the silent corners,under the stairs,in the crowded common rooms,I search;and find nothing. But, when I speak,what is it that crawlsalong the fissures of my … Continue reading

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Not knowing is a barreltumbling over Niagara:darkness withindanger without. Knowing is the full moonat midnightsplashing lightin the darkest corners. Wanting to knowis taking responsibilityfor the goodand the bad. Not wanting to knowis a skeleton in the cupboardand a bloody knifeunder … Continue reading

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In the dark tabernacle,a shaft of sunlightillumines the heartand shines througha million years of dust. Clouds and clouds of swirlingdustspirallingthrough the lightwhich spills in a golden poolon damp, grey stone and iron rust. When the light movesit does not take … Continue reading

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Consciousness is Lifeis the Light that lighteth Everymanthat cometh into the world. Everyman is not that Lightbut can become a witness of that light;that, seeing it, othersmay believemay becomechildren of that Light,may dispelthe Darknessof the Children of this World. .

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The furze and brackenis browned and a little battered.The Michaelmas daisiesand brambles shine in the September sun.A Painted Lady slowlyopens and closes its wings. Every momentis a fork in the roadand every forkis always the same,the choice between right and … Continue reading

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This flowering of the Human Spiritis a reaching outinto the empty wastelandof the egoic mindin search ofthe lost gardens of Eden. This fruitless endeavourto fill its wastelandwith memoriesof its past (My was)and thoughtsof its future (My will be) is stitched … Continue reading

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On the broken and transcendedthe Light shines brightesthaving more shadows to contend withmended. On the dead and transcendedthe Light shines clearest,there is least of all there to contend withtended. Blessed are the Beatitudesfor they bring rest unto the people.If any … Continue reading

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I shone a lightinto the mirror of your mind,there was no reflectionand my light disappeared.No recognition beyond the blank starethere. (Poem from BAMBOO LEAVES) .

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The tide that started flowingall those endless years agohas eddied round and doubled back,has shadowed our diverging tracksand monitored their going. It sidles in and splashes at our feetleaving us very little common groundfor if and when we try to … Continue reading

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Single-minded Sally woke up just before she diedand, looking round the Faces,saw there was no place to hide. Single-minded Sally knew she’d left it far too lateand she could not think of any way to make the Faces wait.And the … Continue reading

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