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Single-minded Sally woke up just before she diedand, looking round the Faces,saw there was no place to hide. Single-minded Sally knew she’d left it far too lateand she could not think of any way to make the Faces wait.And the … Continue reading

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The furze and brackenis browned and a little battered.The Michaelmas daisiesand brambles shine in the September sun.A Painted Lady slowlyopens and closes its wings. Every momentis a fork in the roadand every forkis always the same,the choice between right and … Continue reading

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As you contemplate your worldsliding into darkness and conflictand your leaders just WILL not help youbut just scramble among themselvesfor the bits and pieces left over,                    well…           If you can’t stop it,            Best jump off it!           As Sophocles said.      “Not to be born is … Continue reading

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We peer into the shadowswhere yesterday’s sunlight glows,trying to capture and holdyesterday’s sunlit gold. We peer into tomorrowto predict and plotwhere that sun will likely go(but where, perhaps, it will not). Today’s sunshine still blazesits disc ever overhead.Past and future … Continue reading

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“If I make merit by doing goodand share it with others,how much will I be left with?” “All of it.” “How can that be? If I have a hundred bahtand share it with you,how much will I have?” “Fifty.” “How … Continue reading

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Why should the hand complainfor the glove abandoned in the rain? Why should the foot retainthe ragged shoe and call it pain? Why should the coloured window paneinflict on the white wall a lasting stain? Why should the nerve-ends’ loss … Continue reading

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When you throw yourselfdown from the top of high mountains,the Earth does not take youinto her armsand comfort you. When you kneeland kiss the ground,the Earth does not praiseyour humility. It is for this reasonthat she is called‘The Great Mother’. … Continue reading

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