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The fountainreaches upwards into spaceand, finding nothingto sustain it there,falls back into its proper place. And in this endlessrise and fall,we see the start and finishof us all. Time fliesthrough summer and through wintry skies;measures elephants and butterflies,marks where this … Continue reading

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In the Jungle of the Worldand the tangle of the Senseswe build us hutsof mud and heartacheand make (and mend) our fragile fences.“This is ME! This is MINE!”is the burden of our song. We cannot see, still less define,that pain … Continue reading

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Millions of bubbles; bubbles, bubbles. Bubbles.Who could have thoughtso smallwould be curse of all,and source of allour troubles? Microscopic seedsencasing nuclei of fire. Each germinates and breedssubtle filaments of desire. Desire slides in and overpowers,making our best intentions fail.It weaves … Continue reading

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Lift the screen and see the world,the world you made as you passed by,wrought with greed and raw desire,your image flying in the sky. .

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“If I make merit by doing goodand share it with others,how much will I be left with?” “All of it.” “How can that be? If I have a hundred bahtand share it with you,how much will I have?” “Fifty.” “How … Continue reading

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When the fires are raging, don’t add fuel and the two worlds (the inner and the outer) subside into their natural state. When the dogs of dissension and desire are sleeping, don’t wake them and the world is already cool … Continue reading

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It is not Atlas who carries on his shoulders the world with all its teeming life forms, its cities and citizens its poets and fools. It is the breath of life which fans the vital heat each time it cools. … Continue reading

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