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Now.Sit down.Let go.Tomorrow’s now will be no more than thisanother was. Nothing is enoughto distractyour present thought. And your present thoughtis only movement between two points,a wave that leaves the water behind,plotted by an electrical mind. So take your nothing.Now. … Continue reading

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The Treasure Ship returns to harbour.The wave disappears without a trace. Heureux qui, comme Ulysse,a fait un beau voyage.Happy the hero,who dies full of yearsunder the tumuluswith his sword. Happy the young manwho dies youngbeloved of the Gods. Happy, too, … Continue reading

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Swimming in a Cornish sea –Porpoises! (not Cornish) a little way from me.How far?How far from splashing foot to streamlined tail? Following the brain down its mazy trail –Thirty yards? A million years?Too far? Not far enough? But eye to … Continue reading

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Products of the Pastare apparent all around us.All of them outlastand eternally surround us. The Past for its own sakeis always out of view,following in the wakeof something always new. Looking for the Past itself,records are all you find;fossil, video, … Continue reading

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The fretful Tiger in a rageprowls the confines of his cage.Do not feed him. Pass him by.And, of himself, he’ll surely die. The Gypsy, with her crystal ball,promises to tell you all.Do not cross her palm with gold.Leave your future … Continue reading

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