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Are you a nut or a shell? Inner seedthat germinates and growsinto the Tree of Life? Or outer shell,which, having fulfilled its purpose,is food for compost heap or fire? .

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In the Beginning, God walkedwith Adam in the cool of the day.Despite hearing the Truthfrom God’s own mouth,Adam did not heed Him. Later, God sent prophetsto be his tongues.Despite hearing the Truthfrom God’s own prophets,Adam’s descendants did not heed them.Many … Continue reading

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The tree relaxes therewith no thought of going anywhere. Bird-song-bird.The song is overheard.Perhaps we invent the birds.They might invent usif they could spell.Freak!They don’t even listen when we speak.Just as well. Foolish catplodding around like thatwhat does it think it’s … Continue reading

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The Thousand Petalled Lotusin the brain is flooded with Light.Diogenes,in an off white robe,still trudges around in broad daylightwith his lamp. Have you found an honest man yet, Diogenes? Only Myself. .

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Laws which conflictwith Truthare ultimately unenforceablewithout the acquiescence of the victimwho chooses to can’t through fear. St Michael, St Margaret and St Catherinetold Joan of Arcthat she would not be burned. And they were right. The Duke of Bedfordbought her … Continue reading

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Thousands of magnolia flowers,by Danby’s gateand yellowstone walls,test vernal powersagainst the winds of March; and wait. Slowly, blossoms fall,like heavy snowflakes, one by one,lit by a dull and clouded sun. Tourists have gathered here to seethe wonder of this snow-blossom … Continue reading

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“There’s nothing either good or badbut thinking makes it so.” And riding on that apophthegm,to lower worlds they gountil the pain compresses themand makes them scream out, “No!” There is some truth in points of view,that what seems good to … Continue reading

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April was hot and dry. The red earth respondedby blowing as dust in the wind.The green earth respondedby smothering itself with flowers of a thousand colours. The Water Board respondedby banning hosepipesand promising to charge morefor redistributing the rain(if it … Continue reading

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ARIADNE’S THREAD & ‎THESEUS Many people,but not everyone,encounter the Truthin some form or otherduring the course of Life’s journey. This leads to a fork in the road. Either they adjust themselves to the Truth,in which casethey are led along by Truthon … Continue reading

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“Blondin” is a like a large box of tasty organic delicacies, which you dip in and out of at your leisure – not something to be attempted at one sitting. The poems deal with many facets of life, from glimpses of the cosmic, to the scent of the breeze on a local Cornish lane. Whatever your taste- whether it be wit, insight, or the Tao, you’ll find something to engage you. Continue reading

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