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When I was very youngthere was something called “Grownups”.(Like dinosaurs they are now “extinct” –the stage after “endangered species”). Occasionally, a Grownup would say,“I was miles away!” We children would look at the Grownupwith wonder.How did he do it without … Continue reading

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‘Going out there is no other,coming back there is no trace’.Love and care for one another,smooth the sadness from her face. Like Orestes how she travels!Light-foot ever, onward roams;as the skein of life unravels,everywhere she makes her homes. Loves she … Continue reading

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The Mousethat scuttles down the bankacross the bricksand back again,carries no walletand all its baggageis in the simplicityof its brain. The Bird that slidesacross the windhas left its briefcasein a former life,together with its houseits mortgage(and its wife). The Beetle … Continue reading

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