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EGO’s been on his perchin the old Knowledge Treefor more than a million yearsand, through the power of its corrupted fruit,has eased its way into millions of human minds,filling them and their bodiesand everything elsewith millions and millions of tears. … Continue reading

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The great doors swingon noiseless hingesoiled by the tearsof a thousand years,keeping the outside out. The doors are the doorsof the heart’s desires,trying to possess the eternal fires,trying to keep the sun in. .

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Watching the flowof middle-earthas all things gofrom birth to birth.Here, one can knowwhat it’s all worth. An empty tideof rise and fall.Nothing outsideis mine at all;nothing insidenor large nor small. The mind reflectsvague shadowy drifts.The mind connectsblank mists with mists.The … Continue reading

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Livingness, held in place, projects the image of a face. The face itself no more form has than moon on water or shade on glass. Yet fathers forth both tears and laughter, a story of before and after, which sports … Continue reading

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