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(A SELF-DESTRUCT GUIDE TO BURN-OUT) Behold the Politics of Despair! From Madrid to Botus Flemingthey have looked into the Futureand seen the Nothing there. They have joined up with the Lemmingsand rush to pubs and clubswhere they drink as much … Continue reading

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“My head is clear today,the heavy morning stayed awayor lost itself in sleep.Clear, open-sensed,I keepan eye where a light beambends round the sensesat the dreamy edges. In the slow growth, in the egg of a dream,in purple darkness,pushed up by … Continue reading

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We fill the time twixt sleep and sleepto stop the thoughts dig down too deepfor they have messages to keepthat what you sow is what you reap. .

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There is the patience of the tree,with feet set fast in earth;buffeted by storms,stripped of leaves by droughts,home to birds and parasites,bored into by beetles and worms,reaching to ever greater heightsuntil sawn and dismembered by men,or turned to a heap … Continue reading

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“Oh Life! Thou Nothing’s younger Brother!So like, one might mistake Thee for the other!” (Oh Death! Thou Sleep’s forgotten Mother!So gentle, one might mistake Thee for the other!) “Eternity is in love with the products of Time.” (The Sun shinesin … Continue reading

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