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In the Beginning, God walkedwith Adam in the cool of the day.Despite hearing the Truthfrom God’s own mouth,Adam did not heed Him. Later, God sent prophetsto be his tongues.Despite hearing the Truthfrom God’s own prophets,Adam’s descendants did not heed them.Many … Continue reading

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The more I labelthe less I am ableto see. The more I seethe less I am ableto label. (They call it Dementia.) .

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Sitting on the spokes,he cannot see the wheel clearly,being part of the movement. And the grasshopper shall be a burden. At the still point of the turning wheel,Desire fails and the axle polebecomes an observation postfor the solitary soul. And … Continue reading

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The Unquiet Deadseek their Peaceon the ever-spinning Wheel,within a world where they just leasethe small part they can see and feel. And what they see and feel still grieves them.And what they think is real deceives them. Although the Suffering … Continue reading

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