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Super-talented childrenplay on the eternal beach,building castles and citiesand civilisations and worlds,anything, everything they want;and try to keep all and eachout of everyone else’s reach. Dancing around hand in hand,they themselves are powdered sand. The sun shines downburning them brown.The … Continue reading

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Cut into the human woodchop; pare;to find what is already there.Will the knife revealwhat we have outgrown?Or does the sculptor feelalong the veins and in the bonethe shape already in the stoneand gently, where the stone is brittle,cut only not … Continue reading

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Swimming in a Cornish sea –Porpoises! (not Cornish) a little way from me.How far?How far from splashing foot to streamlined tail? Following the brain down its mazy trail –Thirty yards? A million years?Too far? Not far enough? But eye to … Continue reading

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“In Chiangmaithere are many shapeful chedisin which nowhere can be seen.” Is stillness somethingor is it merelywhat’s left overwhen thingsdisappear? How can thingswhich are ever-moving,ever-changing,not be? Stillness is complete and perfectwhen boundaries disappear. Cattle do not feelthe farmyard gatepressing againsttheir … Continue reading

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A dry Juneand roses and honeysuckletumble in riotous flowerdown the path, below the gate,in anticipation of drought. They rush slowly(keeping vegetable time)towards the battlefieldof fern and bramblewhich flows,inconclusively,to the cliff edge.Beyond, the sea. The mind takes on the colourof what … Continue reading

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Wind blows;a thousand drops of water fly out into spaceeach drop a perfectly cohesive separateness.Wind falls. Each drop sinks into the ocean. Indistinguishable from the sea. Christians and Moslems do not have individual souls.Their separateness is leased from the Inseparable … Continue reading

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