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REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY November Rose. Pink and white and mauve. Solitary, still, among the rosemary and late autumnal gorse. Sea winds have blown. The first frosts have frozen the short grass. Spring and summer are memories, midwinter an echo in reverse. … Continue reading

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“Died some pro patria non dulce non et decor.” So Ezra Pound adapted Horace’s lines for those whose sufferings for their nation had bred a dull, dark, painful generation with gloria cauterised from their minds. In the calendar their deaths … Continue reading

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Freedom from the Past is the Present. Freedom from the Future is the Present. The Present is a crack that runs through the universe. Into it everything disappears like snowflakes into a bonfire. For Māra’s people, the Present is a … Continue reading

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It was different in the past. Especially in the village. Before you could read Before there were newspapers Before there was radio Before there were telephones Before there were films Before there was TV Before there were computers Before there … Continue reading

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