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In the pursuit of pleasure(or the relief of pain),they abuse their leisureand then return to work again. In the pool when the water is cleara thousand activities appear;a network of looking, seeing, willing;of turning, diving, chasing, catching, killing. Nowhere is … Continue reading

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At Tha Thua they sweat,eat ice, jump in river.At Whitsands we’re wet,wear coats and just shiver. At noon, garlic toast is a must.Half-an-hour later it tastes just like dust. Our viewpoints change to meet new dataas smart clothes adjust to … Continue reading

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Matter is dead,dead or dying.And in it, cravingcraves its dissolution,rehearses dissolution.Expense of energyin voluntary death. Do not keep it youngor leave a creaky scream unwrung,a forbidden song unsung,a sin unsunned. A pleasure’s but a pleasure,and on pleasure’s wingsa man gets … Continue reading

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