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From Mt. Kailas,birthplace of Shiva,Lord of All,the snow slides down the Himalayasmelting into pure waterand becomes Gangathe holiest of rivers. Absorbing the works of natureand of man, it flowspast temples, villages,rice fields and factories,and Calcutta slums,and comes,at last, to meet … Continue reading

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IF,while you are alive,You honestly (and steadfastly)add two and two togetherand get five. THEN,finally (and lastly)when you are safely deadyou will find that all those extra oneswill surely stand you in good stead. Ask Darwin. .

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Mirror mirror on the wallwho is the fairest of us all?When the facelooks back, warts and all,cognition takes place.This is me. Look into Nature,red in tooth and claw and all.When it feels your eyes,cognition takes place.Epiphany. .

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Nature’s miniatureopalescent crystal ball. Explore it from outside-inand your finest scientific eyesare lost in its unimaginable vastnesswhich opens onto the totality of the outer universe. Nothing can be seenby blinded scientific eyesof the everything there.For the would-be observer dissolves. Explore … Continue reading

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