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The great Foundation on which all things restis soon lost sight of, soon forgot,fails to hold man’s interestas entanglements lead to great confusion(due to the power of the great Illusion);until he cannot see what is realand what is not. A … Continue reading

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In the Jungle of the Worldand the Tangle of the Senseswe build us huts of mud and heartacheand make (and mend) our fragile fences. ‘This is me! That is mine!’is the burden of our song.We cannot see, still less definethat … Continue reading

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The best way of enough is all gone,for that there is no argument upon. While there is still something in the dishthere is, in Mind, propensity to wish. Wishing is a film that spreads itself like jamand turns the dullest … Continue reading

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The string of Being windsthroughout a luminous universe. Everything your hand reaches out to graspis Adam’s curseand a knot appears within your mind. Your original faceis suddenly forgot,hid in your own entanglement.

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Over and over, you and I sift the contents of our mind and try to find the people we think we might have been. Try as we will, behind the painted curtain, one thing is certain; Nothing is ever seen. … Continue reading

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“It came to mind,” She says. Horse or Rider? It came to mind. A flower of the Void? Or something that builds its web inside her? At Troy the Gods took sides making the Trojans deaf to Cassandra’s warnings. Wotan … Continue reading

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Spirit is the substance of Happiness. It cannot be perceived by Mind or Body. It infuses them when there are no fences facing.  

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