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There is the fire that consumesand the fire that illumines. There is Desireand there is Love. Those motivated by Desiresee things they wish to possess,things they do not wish to possess,and other things –of no interest whatsoever. Those motivated by … Continue reading

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This spring-tide was not somethingto excite the sensesbut an overflowing of the heart.Pure joy.‘Love thou the rose but leave it on its stem.’ An overflowing of the heartwhich sees its images,reflected everywhere,existing nowherebut in itself. Always the sun shinesin Portsonachon,in … Continue reading

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China-bound girl, not-yet-happiness-made-her-found girl. Airport-station-taxis girl, brand-new-outside-sensations girl. Three-plus champagnes-anything can-do girl, anywhere-go preferably-Katmandu girl. From-past-sadness-ever-fleeing girl, balanced-on-the-very-edge-of seeing girl. Wonderful-from-the-very-beginning girl, so-afraid-of–losing-she-must-be-always-winning girl. So-shy-her-confidence-is overwhelming girl, she-keeps-her-captains-firmly-at-their-helms-ing girl. China-bound girl, Love at her heels, how does she think what … Continue reading

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“Empty-handed I come and lo! the spade is in my hand.” In the illimitable Void All is destroyed (and Nothing is lost!) Everything appears anew: good seeds flourish (and evil too). They said to the Poet at his birth, “Go! … Continue reading

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A bare chest is a cooler way on a hot day than a string vest. Her husband’s pain’s a sword. And, again, though she sees and feels for him and keeps her love and cooks his meals for him, she … Continue reading

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