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The fastest may not be the bestnor is Ben Nevis Everest. The rules for host may not suit guest. When the Holy Grail was the Quest,Lancelot’s prowess failed the test. Laughter in the Coliseumcould not be suppressedthough the victims did … Continue reading

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Watching the flowof middle-earthas all things gofrom birth to birth.Here, one can knowwhat it’s all worth. An empty tideof rise and fall.Nothing outsideis mine at all;nothing insidenor large nor small. The mind reflectsvague shadowy drifts.The mind connectsblank mists with mists.The … Continue reading

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I wish I was a millionairecould take it all and give it youand you and youand you and you and youand send you off to let you dojust what it is you want to. Use it and be right. And … Continue reading

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Livingness, held in place, projects the image of a face. The face itself no more form has than moon on water or shade on glass. Yet fathers forth both tears and laughter, a story of before and after, which sports … Continue reading

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