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“Blondin” is a like a large box of tasty organic delicacies, which you dip in and out of at your leisure – not something to be attempted at one sitting. The poems deal with many facets of life, from glimpses of the cosmic, to the scent of the breeze on a local Cornish lane. Whatever your taste- whether it be wit, insight, or the Tao, you’ll find something to engage you. Continue reading

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His chewcan’t keep up with his bite,and when he speaks,youare showeredwith the feelof his latest undigested meal. (from Gnomonic Verses) .

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Long Wig up on his High Chairstares at Long Hair standing therebelow him in the dock.‘I cannot deviate from the Law,’he says, glancing at the clock.‘This is my decision.Six months without remission.Oh, and yes, with hard labour.’ ‘Decision’ ‘Remission’ ‘Hard … Continue reading

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The ugly sister, Alice,glared at the mirror with reflected malice;gave a grinand blew a bubble;stroked the stubble on her chinand simpered, in unbridled bliss,“What a charmer I iss!”adding, with a grimace,“Who’s the prettier, glass face?” “Cinderella!Cinderella. Cinderella. Cinderella.Cinderella. Cinderella.”The mirror … Continue reading

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