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This spring-tide was not somethingto excite the sensesbut an overflowing of the heart.Pure joy.‘Love thou the rose but leave it on its stem.’ An overflowing of the heartwhich sees its images,reflected everywhere,existing nowherebut in itself. Always the sun shinesin Portsonachon,in … Continue reading

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Pain is in proportion to livingness.The more alive you are,the more it hurtsto live.This is normal. The young hurt mostbut mend quickest.New flesh healswhere old flesh withers.Young mind feels pain piercing and deep;often so deep that of itself it heals;a … Continue reading

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Walking Onis not just a matterof feetmeasuring out the streets of this world;or the clatterof railway tracksdwindling to a pointin the far-off, backward-looking, which has now become the past. Nor is it the Ocean Linerslipping out of port,pushing through waveswhich … Continue reading

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Because I cared,I kept my friends alivebathed in the light of the good times we had shared. But when I go back to comparethe in-between times too, I seethey have given up the fight(together with the good times that we … Continue reading

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If the Head leads, it breeds a web in which the ego lurks to catch its prey. And the Heart pales away. If the Heart rules, the sticky web transforms into a safety net through which the Ego shrivels into … Continue reading

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The fastest may not be the best nor is Ben Nevis Everest. The rule for host may not suit guest. When the Holy Grail was the Quest, Lancelot’s prowess failed the test. Laughter in the Colosseum could not be suppressed … Continue reading

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In the dark tabernacle, a shaft of sunlight illumines the heart and shines through a million years of dust. Clouds and clouds of swirling dust spiralling through the light which spills in a golden pool on damp, grey stone and … Continue reading

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