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China-bound girl, not-yet-happiness-made-her-found girl. Airport-station-taxis girl, brand-new-outside-sensations girl. Three-plus champagnes-anything can-do girl, anywhere-go preferably-Katmandu girl. From-past-sadness-ever-fleeing girl, balanced-on-the-very-edge-of seeing girl. Wonderful-from-the-very-beginning girl, so-afraid-of–losing-she-must-be-always-winning girl. So-shy-her-confidence-is overwhelming girl, she-keeps-her-captains-firmly-at-their-helms-ing girl. China-bound girl, Love at her heels, how does she think what … Continue reading

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Spirit is the substance of Happiness. It cannot be perceived by Mind or Body. It infuses them when there are no fences facing.  

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But really you see there weren’t any great at all. Those may not have stumbled, heads high, walked tall, filling the silence where others mumbled. But words fail skulls fall. And before? Before, they could taste, smell, see, tell, bore. … Continue reading

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The great stone Hall is silent that is now millennia old. Through the western windows shines a glorious sun. It floods the walls and floors, the tables, chairs and doors, panelling, pictures, artefacts and illumines every one until the wraiths … Continue reading

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