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Evil is the Great Magicianwhich blinds the inner visionthe painting on its facedisorientates the eye,the quickness of its hand through spacedeceives the sly. The conjuror peddles his illusions,the world his backdrop and his stage,his victims, living beings enmeshed in their … Continue reading

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If you don’t contribute to it,    you are stealing from it.       What if it is bad?    Especially if it is bad!    That is the redemption.      How can that be?      You are stealing its badness     in exchange for goodness. .

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The ugly sister, Alice,glared at the mirror with reflected malice;gave a grinand blew a bubble;stroked the stubble on her chinand simpered, in unbridled bliss,“What a charmer I iss!”adding, with a grimace,“Who’s the prettier, glass face?” “Cinderella!Cinderella. Cinderella. Cinderella.Cinderella. Cinderella.”The mirror … Continue reading

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