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According to the manuals,they are everywhere.How is it, then, that Icannot see them? Under my feet,in the silent corners,under the stairs,in the crowded common rooms,I search;and find nothing. But, when I speak,what is it that crawlsalong the fissures of my … Continue reading

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Their leaves of grass emerge and fade;with windblown rustling tongues converse.The grove has grown throughout the universe,spreads everywhere its pleasant living shade;creating north south east and west(the fierce, unending struggle to be best);relentlessly growing.The variety is unimaginable,the sameness unknowingand unknowable. … Continue reading

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Who among you can bear to peer into the Eternal Not; to disappear into the Nowhere, the irretrievably and absolutely Forgot?  

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Super-talented children play on the eternal beach, building castles and cities and civilisations and worlds, anything, everything they want; and try to keep all and each out of everyone else’s reach. Dancing around hand in hand, they themselves are powdered … Continue reading

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Wandering on. Through a waste of perils we have already faced, blown by the hot winds of desire, pursued by our own shadows, touched by the invisible fire, surrounded by supravisible foes. From waste to waste. From oasis to oasis; … Continue reading

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