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How old was Jesusat his Birth?At the Crucifixionshining all his worth?Or Resurrected –God connected? Who can sayhow old they are?Even in the Elysian fieldsvirtues’ flowers to withering yields.Thousands of years on,Death still follows what’s born. Gods and ghosts,Denizens and animal … Continue reading

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Jupiter spins, they say, three times as fastas earth and thus enjoys a shorter day.They say the sun will grow and then, at last,burn up the planets which lie in its way. They say, the universe is growingor perhaps has … Continue reading

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An old machineresting theremade of bits and pieces;whatever happened to be spareof water, earth and fire and air. An old machineconnected to the mains,switched on, is conscious of its pains. Switched off, inert,it does not know its ending;lies in the … Continue reading

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Watching the flowof middle-earthas all things gofrom birth to birth.Here, one can knowwhat it’s all worth. An empty tideof rise and fall.Nothing outsideis mine at all;nothing insidenor large nor small. The mind reflectsvague shadowy drifts.The mind connectsblank mists with mists.The … Continue reading

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When you throw yourselfdown from the top of high mountains,the Earth does not take youinto her armsand comfort you. When you kneeland kiss the ground,the Earth does not praiseyour humility. It is for this reasonthat she is called‘The Great Mother’. … Continue reading

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