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The fountainreaches upwards into spaceand, finding nothingto sustain it there,falls back into its proper place. And in this endlessrise and fall,we see the start and finishof us all. Time fliesthrough summer and through wintry skies;measures elephants and butterflies,marks where this … Continue reading

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According to the manuals,they are everywhere.How is it, then, that Icannot see them? Under my feet,in the silent corners,under the stairs,in the crowded common rooms,I search;and find nothing. But, when I speak,what is it that crawlsalong the fissures of my … Continue reading

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If something is True, it undoubtedly is True until investigation shows that somewhere else it undoubtedly is not True. Everything that is true is true on the level(s) that it is True on. But never elsewhere! For with the same … Continue reading

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