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So, who are you?Mr Teacher.Oh yes. And what do you teach?I teach people what they already know.And what’s that?That they have nothing to learn.And how long does that take?Usually, many, many lifetimes. Of hard work? Of hard suffering. If you … Continue reading

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People differ in awareness of Time.Brazilian Indians have no word for tomorrow. Time is the measure of thingsmoving through space.Where there is nothing moving,not even thoughts,there is no awareness of Time. When a dog sees you after a gap of … Continue reading

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Foothills of the Himalayas.How vast and towering, Mount Meru!From that icy, lifeless peakbehold the plainsand painsof men! Frozen, jagged jewelsmerely compound his charmsand devotees still jostleto be martyred in his arms. One defines oneself by others,cannot be big or small … Continue reading

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Sitting quite stilland with Nothingto hold on to. While the planeton which you sit(a kind of ball, flattened at both ends)is spinningat a fair old rate of knots. And rolling all the whilein a great circuitround a vast, exploding Ball … Continue reading

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Crumpled heap upon the floor. Stifled murmur/whisper, “Please!  Some more.” Ceiling Out is when you use Exit Door as base instead of Escape Route. DOG IN MANGER  

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