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Who are the deadI have not reached(or been unable to find)who wait with such patiencein quiet corners of my mind? Seek with the mindyou get thoughts.Seek with the heartyou get understanding.Speak with thoughtsyou reach a man’s mind.Speak with understandingyou reach … Continue reading

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IF,while you are alive,You honestly (and steadfastly)add two and two togetherand get five. THEN,finally (and lastly)when you are safely deadyou will find that all those extra oneswill surely stand you in good stead. Ask Darwin. .

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We peer into the shadowswhere yesterday’s sunlight glows,trying to capture and holdyesterday’s sunlit gold. We peer into tomorrowto predict and plotwhere that sun will likely go(but where, perhaps, it will not). Today’s sunshine still blazesits disc ever overhead.Past and future … Continue reading

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This yearthe dead are blindand do not seem to hearour prayers. Nor do they seem to mindthat we now ownwhat they once thought was theirs. Here they shed no tearat all the painthey left behind. Now, when they come again,they … Continue reading

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Fine and insubstantial, separating the Living from the Dead. The hairs on your head are numbered; so too the breaths. Preserved or polluted or neglected, it drags us to our unintended goal; the destiny of all we have protected. Disintegration … Continue reading

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