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When I was very youngthere was something called “Grownups”.(Like dinosaurs they are now “extinct” –the stage after “endangered species”). Occasionally, a Grownup would say,“I was miles away!” We children would look at the Grownupwith wonder.How did he do it without … Continue reading

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It is now two millennia sincethe Security Seraphims were withdrawnand the Gates of Eden reopenedto the General Public. Free Admissionto all children,(before their parents succeededin banning them). Free Passesto those adultswho agreed to leave their baggage outside(as strongly recommended by … Continue reading

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Christ said:“Give it all awayand follow Me.”They even saythat’s what he saidand praise it,get their children spiritually fed(and then erase it.) “If the spirit calls you, Go!”they say,and, as you’re on your way,“Hey!It’s only a metaphor you know!Come back!Let’s talk … Continue reading

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