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The Serpents dance hypnoticallyand fill the Void with Thoughtand in their game of wish-fulfilmentthe Sons of Man are caught. Slaves to their Dream Creations,enflamed by Hot Desire,craving ever-new sensations,singed by the Ancient Fire,they sink from brightness into embersfrom cinders into … Continue reading

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Nature’s miniatureopalescent crystal ball. Explore it from outside-inand your finest scientific eyesare lost in its unimaginable vastnesswhich opens onto the totality of the outer universe. Nothing can be seenby blinded scientific eyesof the everything there.For the would-be observer dissolves. Explore … Continue reading

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In Buddha’s sunlit laboratory(or Dhamma chamber),experiments by laboratory assistants(or monks)demonstratethat if you shine the lightof investigationon form, feeling, perception, thoughts and consciousnessand apply continuous mindfulnessat the very centreof the rising and fallingof these phenomena,all things are seento be without a … Continue reading

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But really you see there weren’t any great at all. Those may not have stumbled, heads high, walked tall, filling the silence where others mumbled. But words fail skulls fall. And before? Before, they could taste, smell, see, tell, bore. … Continue reading

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In the Beginning (or perhaps a little later) there was I. And then, because I was lonely, there was me. And we got on like a house on fire! And, so that we could have something in common, there was … Continue reading

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The season slides to wind and showers and sharp hot sun (for rare half-hours) and all the world lays waste its powers pursuing what it cannot own. Then mists and fogs and hazy sunrise ships’ dull horns and lazy gull … Continue reading

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Mind moves with the breath which fuels this articulated doll from birth to death. What starts out as routine maintenance for a puppet with entangled strings develops to a share in the dance of the dragon that eternally sings. But, … Continue reading

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