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“In Chiangmaithere are many shapeful chedisin which nowhere can be seen.” Is stillness somethingor is it merelywhat’s left overwhen thingsdisappear? How can thingswhich are ever-moving,ever-changing,not be? Stillness is complete and perfectwhen boundaries disappear. Cattle do not feelthe farmyard gatepressing againsttheir … Continue reading

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A poemopens a windowin the prison wall. If it’s not a poem,it’s just a pictureon the wall. Who paints pictureson the prison wallis surely in the gaoler’s pay. May all beings be happy!May they be free from ill will!May they … Continue reading

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Nature’s miniatureopalescent crystal ball. Explore it from outside-inand your finest scientific eyesare lost in its unimaginable vastnesswhich opens onto the totality of the outer universe. Nothing can be seenby blinded scientific eyesof the everything there.For the would-be observer dissolves. Explore … Continue reading

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Here exists in SpaceNow exists in Time,so how can they be the same? New York exists in America (space).New York exists at five o’clock (time)(say the Americans).But you can’t sayNew York IS five o’clock or New York IS America!(unless you … Continue reading

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The road humped over the hill and dippedand out of politeness we dipped tooand didn’t go as the butterfly didstraight across and into the view. We stayed outside and behind our facesas the road curled steeply down from the skythough … Continue reading

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