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A dry Juneand roses and honeysuckletumble in riotous flowerdown the path, below the gate,in anticipation of drought. The rush slowly(keeping vegetable time)towards the battlefieldof fern and bramblewhich flows inconclusively,to the cliff edge.Beyond, the sea. The mind takes on the colourof … Continue reading

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Up Hillcrest steps to wherethe crumbling, grey, defining wallbecomes a bareand narrow ledgeholding back the jungle of beyond.Honeysuckle, fern and brambleslowly ambleand quietly digestthe Hillcrestfence.(A peaceful study in impermanence.) On the boundary hedge,a green and flowering ivy has blossomed therein … Continue reading

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Clusters of English “unofficial” roseshave climbed the fence to face the sun.Each in its crimson finery supposesthat it, alone, is the only one. Honeysuckle tangles with its vagrancebramble and lavender, rose and gorse,fills the still air with its golden fragrancethere … Continue reading

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