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The fountainreaches upwards into spaceand, finding nothingto sustain it there,falls back into its proper place. And in this endlessrise and fall,we see the start and finishof us all. Time fliesthrough summer and through wintry skies;measures elephants and butterflies,marks where this … Continue reading

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As you contemplate your worldsliding into darkness and conflictand your leaders just WILL not help youbut just scramble among themselvesfor the bits and pieces left over,                    well…           If you can’t stop it,            Best jump off it!           As Sophocles said.      “Not to be born is … Continue reading

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The fretful Tiger in a rageprowls the confines of his cage.Do not feed him. Pass him by.And, of himself, he’ll surely die. The Gypsy, with her crystal ball,promises to tell you all.Do not cross her palm with gold.Leave your future … Continue reading

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Hark, now hear the angels sing A new King born today And man will live for evermore Because of Christmas day! A child is born overprotected (then neglected) to drink cow’s milk and eat calves’ flesh and wait for Christmas … Continue reading

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