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The year’s first transcendental rosestands where the self-sown apple grows. No pride at being first is shownnor discontent at standing there alone. Among the rosemary and gorseit is its own and only source. .

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In a flatyou thinkyou could scream yourself to deathand not be heard.Pressing your cheekagainst the cool of the sink.One breathupon another breath.No wordfor that. In a room,you sufferinside door,walls, ceiling, floor.You could shout,you could walk out,it’s not a tomb. In … Continue reading

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Imagine you have an audience.(Which you have).And people are listening to everything you say.(Which they are).And everything you say is being written down.(Which it is).And may be used in evidence against you.(Which it will be). Don’t you wish you could … Continue reading

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A SHELLa big shellon a warm sand shelfbuilding long and strongout at last kept out. TIME to decidewhat’s insidefor inside meditationfor contemplation.Any answers? A SKULLa big skullwith a warm snug selfbuilding long and strongto keep out out. EYE, ear and … Continue reading

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