Our creditors are coming
coming with all due speed
and what they want is everything
we thought we’d ever need
in full and instant payment
for our each and every deed.

And though we cannot bribe them
to make them go away
we might put on a brave face
and meet them now half way.

Stop World War Three before it starts.


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When the fires are raging,
don’t add fuel
and the two worlds
(the inner and the outer)
subside into their natural state.

When the dogs
of dissension and desire
are sleeping,
don’t wake them
and the world is already cool and quiet.

(from Gnomonic Verses)


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Jane Horne’s daughter was deformed in hands and feet.
Jane herself showed signs of being senile   
with her ever-hanging, half-dry smile.  
In 1727, there were no geriatric wards to treat her,
so the neighbours were quite naturally concerned.   
They said she’d had her daughter shoed by the Devil,   
was a witch and should be under guard.   

Captain Ross agreed, ordered her stripped and tarred,   
paraded through Dornach in a barrel and burned.   
When she saw the blaze, she smiled and turned,   
quite unlike the witch they had presumed her,   
and warmed her hands at the fire
that then consumed her.


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If you don’t contribute to it,   
you are stealing from it.      

What if it is bad?   
Especially if it is bad!   
That is the redemption.     

How can that be?     

You are stealing its badness    
in exchange for goodness.


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…A flowering of the human spirit
in which Evil torments and exploits
as much of Creation as it can reach.

…A development of Freedom To,
when the corner stone of Ethics is discarded,
that proliferates and insinuates
to as near Absolute Power as it can reach.

…Its latest and fashionable flowering,

…Its fruiting,
concentration camps and guards,
farms and farmers,
vivisection laboratories and Ph.D.’s.

…Its High Priests and Thought Police,
Bishops and Ayatollahs and MPs.

…All those who seek to corral
the Living Spirit
and embed it
in dense shadowy stuff called Matter.

There, compressed by pain,
it evaporates away
to re-form eternally
somewhere else

(From Gnomonic Verses)


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Jupiter spins, they say, three times as fast
as earth and thus enjoys a shorter day.
They say the sun will grow and then, at last,
burn up the planets which lie in its way.

They say, the universe is growing
or perhaps has grown
and having reached its fullness,
is on its way to ultimate collapse
into black holes of cosmic nothingness.

They say – and build new telescopes and peer
further and further into outer spaces
and dare not turn and look at what is here
brighter than the sun and clear before their faces.

And yet, when all is done,
not there one dies
but deep, inside, right here,
behind one’s eyes.

(From Blondin)


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His chew
can’t keep up with his bite,
and when he speaks,
are showered
with the feel
of his latest
undigested meal.

(from Gnomonic Verses)


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