Because I cared,
I kept my friends alive
bathed in the light
of the good times we had shared.

But when I go back to compare
the in-between times too, I see
they have given up the fight
(together with the good times that we shared).
Even the ones who still breathe!
(Especially the ones who still breathe).

It wasn’t old Mortality
that carried them away.
They just seemed to slip into senility
and watch their hearts decay.

They stayed inside walls
constructed for old age
with its semi-serious intention
for a senior citizen’s pension
(that rapidly disintegrating cage).

At the Judgement Hour
when at last they have the power
and the necessity to choose,
each finds
what it means to die.

Supine among the debris of their minds,
they give a semi-intentional,
highly conventional
and press “Snooze”.


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“You are both a wolf
and a lamb.
If you do not stay awake
the wolf will devour
the lamb.”

Oh you, the Living and the Dead!
Both those who earn
and you who claim by right
your daily bread.

Encourage the few
they will become the many.
Encourage the poor
they will reach out for more.
Encourage the young
they will fail to grow up.
Encourage the old
they will grow older.

Why do so many
in public life
wear nametags

“In case they forget
  who you are.”


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The string 
of Being winds
throughout a luminous universe.

your hand reaches out to grasp
is Adam’s curse
and a knot 
appears within your mind.

Your original face
is suddenly forgot,
hid in your own entanglement.

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Going out there is no other,
coming back there is no trace.
Though we must love one another,
whose is the beloved’s face?

Start from wherever you think you wish to,
you cannot end up in a different place.
Examine carefully the mirrors around you.
All that you see is the same old face.

Blame not the mirror for malformation.
Polishing glass will not improve the skin.
If you wish for transformation,
seek out a smile that warms from within.

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Said the Junior Dean.
What is “It”
that we should make the most of it?
What have we
that we can justly boast of it?

We have inherited our share of wealth;
and karma and good sense
have brought us health.

Time weighs not on our hands
and, as things stand,
we have sufficient
and do not rightly understand
if, of Time, we think ourselves deficient.

But what if, as in the parable, we have concealed
our talent in the ground,
and, newly dead, the fruit
of our labours is revealed
and nothing found
and all has been in vain?

Then, downward spiralling, off we go again
to land, with new bruises, in some older state,
to sift through the ashes
of the bonfire of our desires
and stare into the shadows of “too late”

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(Matthew 25: 14-30)

What are these talents?
Nuggets of consciousness.

How to make good use of them?
Bring consciousness to where you are.

Allow yourself to be a vehicle
for Divine Consciousness.
Allow the Divine to see through you.
Give it your eyes
to see its creation
at work and play.

Thus do you acknowledge and accept
and become its eyes
and, if needed, give it your mouth
and your hands
to illumine the darkness of those
who live in unconsciousness.

He who buried his nugget in the earth
embalmed his consciousness
within this mortal frame
and called it
“my body”;
called the shard of consciousness
“my mind”.

When the time of reckoning came,
this man’s talent went back to its source
and “own body” returned to the dust.

Those who invested the gift of
Divine Consciousness in its own creation,
became one with Divine Consciousness.

They did not look back at their bodies
returning to feed
the Terrestrial Compost Heap
in voluntary dissolution.

For unto every one that hath shall be given,
and he shall have abundance:
but from him that hath not
shall be taken away even that which he hath.

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The more you know
the more you owe.

The more you care
the more you share.

The less you share
debts grow

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