A terrorist gets his way by violence.

Like Alexander,
he would prefer a city to surrender peacefully.
Like Alexander,
he will destroy it if it doesn’t
and enslave its population.

A successful terrorist,
like a successful leopard,
does not change his spots.

A pugilist can break jaws
but not repair one.
A terrorist can destroy old laws,
but not administer fair ones.
A hunter can kill lions
but not create them.

In Parks Road they kill the innocent
but cannot reinstate them.
(A don can bleed a student’s life to death,
but not give him the kiss of breath.)

The endless chronicle
of massacre and poverty,
ethnic violence and crime
across the map of Africa
reveals the footprints
of successful terrorists
and the statistics
of nine million dead.

Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia.
Zimbabwe, Rwanda,
M’gabe, M’beki, M’ndelia.
Nigeria, Uganda,
Liberia, Congo,
Kenyatta, Omar Bongo.

A leopard cannot change his spots.
A terrorist cannot wash the blood
off his hands.

(Poem from OXFORD BLUES)


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Each tentacle that used to be anonymous
is now, by mutual consent, autonomous.
They may, at first, behave like fools,
but they’ll get better as they learn the rules.

The Golden Rule shines brighter than the Sun
– one and one and one makes One!

The Suddenly Separate Spider Sentry
weaves his web and invites your entry.
But though he spins for ten thousand years,
all he catches is his own cold tears.

Fury and Deva goad the errant soul
to cleanse his vision and perceive the Whole.

The eddies of his mind are made of thought
and in their swirls many a shining world is caught.
But when the unhindered mind flows clear and free,
it knows itself to move most silently.


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Waiting; the fires grow old
waiting; fears grow bold
waiting; the third eye brightens
waiting; the old mind quietens.

Patiently, the patient heals himself.


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The fisherman sees the fish
but not its pain
until as fish
he swims this way again.

The rich see not the poor
they have invented
and, not contented,
strive ceaselessly for more.

Abraham’s descendants
fight for their promised land,
and while they swarm and fight like ants
whose blood seeps into desert sand?

“My village against the world,
my family against the village,
my brother and I against my family.
Myself against my brother.”

“Nature red in tooth and claw”
contradicts Messiah’s Law.

Virus, germ
and parasitic worm
burrowing in blindness
do not respect the vegan’s kindness.

Breathing is the road to the breathless;
seeing the obvious is the path to the deathless.


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A kiss
in time
saves a climb.


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Who are the dead
I have not reached
(or been unable to find)
who wait with such patience
in quiet corners of my mind?

Seek with the mind
you get thoughts.
Seek with the heart
you get understanding.
Speak with thoughts
you reach a man’s mind.
Speak with understanding
you reach his heart.


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while you are alive,
You honestly (and steadfastly)
add two and two together
and get five.

finally (and lastly)
when you are safely dead
you will find that all those extra ones
will surely stand you in good stead.

Ask Darwin.


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