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Our creditors are comingcoming with all due speedand what they want is everythingwe thought we’d ever needin full and instant paymentfor our each and every deed. And though we cannot bribe themto make them go awaywe might put on a … Continue reading

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When the fires are raging, don’t add fueland the two worlds(the inner and the outer)subside into their natural state. When the dogsof dissension and desireare sleeping,don’t wake them and the world is already cool and quiet. (from Gnomonic Verses) .

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Jane Horne’s daughter was deformed in hands and feet. Jane herself showed signs of being senile    with her ever-hanging, half-dry smile.    In 1727, there were no geriatric wards to treat her,so the neighbours were quite naturally concerned.    They said she’d … Continue reading

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If you don’t contribute to it,    you are stealing from it.       What if it is bad?    Especially if it is bad!    That is the redemption.      How can that be?      You are stealing its badness     in exchange for goodness. .

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…A flowering of the human spiritin which Evil torments and exploitsas much of Creation as it can reach. …A development of Freedom To,when the corner stone of Ethics is discarded, that proliferates and insinuatesto as near Absolute Power as it … Continue reading

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Jupiter spins, they say, three times as fastas earth and thus enjoys a shorter day.They say the sun will grow and then, at last,burn up the planets which lie in its way. They say, the universe is growingor perhaps has … Continue reading

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His chewcan’t keep up with his bite,and when he speaks,youare showeredwith the feelof his latest undigested meal. (from Gnomonic Verses) .

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