A man who fancies a 300 year old
Grade One listed residence with 100 rooms
in the city of Westminster,
within easy reach of Buckingham Palace,
which he cannot himself afford.

To this end he attempts to find out
what his fellow citizens want
and promises to give it (anything) to them
if they will pay for a five year lease,
in his name, on the des.res.

Once safely inside the front door,
he explains that he cannot honour his promises
right away because the previous tenant
(unless he himself happens
to be the previous tenant)
has left the place in such a mess.

His first priority must be to clear it up.
However, by way of compensation,
he tries to give them
as many of the things that they don’t want
as they can afford to pay for.

Here the matter rests (in comfort)
until his fellow citizens
can find a way of winking him
out of his des.res.


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