C is the speed of Light.
Only Light can travel at C
Nothing can travel faster
than Light
along the motorways
and byroads of the brain
with its electrochemical signals.
Even Electro-powered Thought
is restrained by C.

Once it is freed
from the restraints
of the last vestiges
of subtle Matter,
Mind can escape
its neurochemical chatter
and travel instantaneously.

And Free.

Park up on the hard shoulder.
You can get out
and wander across
an infinite Landscape…

Speed cameras
are unlikely to catch your image.
And, if they do,
they cannot read your ’registration number’.
Motorway Maintenance
will deal with anything
and everything you leave behind!

Energy and Matter
are different forms
of the same thing.

Like ice and water.

Matter becomes Energy,
Energy becomes Matter.

That is all ye know on earth
and all ye need to know.

Matter is Energy,
Energy IS Matter.


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