EGO’s been on his perch
in the old Knowledge Tree
for more than a million years
and, through the power of its corrupted fruit,
has eased its way into millions of human minds,
filling them and their bodies
and everything else
with millions and millions
of tears.

After this long and fruitless search
for something that doesn’t exist
push him off his perch.

Derived of the drunken separatism,
that keeps him in his place,
he simply evaporates.

Is it good to discover and feel
old Ego has never
been for real?

My task
(and yours)
(and always has been)
to get rid of you and me
to get rid of us and them
to get rid of was and will be
to get rid of should and should not
to get rid of might and mightn’t
(and always has been)
to wake up
from the dream of our identities
and find ourselves
where we are always seen
where we have always been.


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