“I worry about Siam.
I worry about Muang Thai.
Siam was ours,
Muang Thai we shared.”

“I worry, too.
I shut my eyes
to open the eyes of others
to what my people brought;
a certain agnosticism of thought,
a carefully defined democracy,
new cars, logging and pollution.”

“We did not support the Temple
but lived in our traditional houses
with sloping roofs
like dolls in a museum.”

“We brought new problems
for which we did not bring
new solutions.”

“I worry about my family.
We climbed Mount Meru,
passing the suffering of many.
When we look back down
we see the sufferings of all.”

“I am a caterpillar.
I clasp
yesterday’s leaf.
I let go of yesterday’s certainties
and reach out to grasp
tomorrow’s transparent belief.”

“I am a frog.
I look up at the sky
from the bottom
of a well
and worry.”

“I worry, too.”


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