China-bound girl,
not-yet-happiness-made-her-found girl.
Airport-station-taxis girl,
brand-new-outside-sensations girl.
Three-plus champagnes-anything can-do girl,
anywhere-go preferably-Katmandu girl.
From-past-sadness-ever-fleeing girl,
balanced-on-the-very-edge-of seeing girl.
Wonderful-from-the-very-beginning girl,
so-afraid-of–losing-she-must-be-always-winning girl.
So-shy-her-confidence-is overwhelming girl,
she-keeps-her-captains-firmly-at-their-helms-ing girl.

China-bound girl,
Love at her heels,
how does she think what she knows she feels?
Glides like an image one flower ahead of sorrow,
floating through sun-mist to yesterday’s tomorrow.

Through the moving shadows
of this world’s blind-man’s buff
she has cared and been cared for
(but not-loved-too-much enough).
In her mind what pleasures lead her from A to Z?
In her heart what treasures are silenced by her head?

China-bound girl!
Carrying through Customs (for the fun of it)
a bucket of water with the sun in it.


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