What are these talents?
Nuggets of consciousness.

How to make good use of them?
Bring consciousness to where you are.

Allow yourself to be a vehicle
for Divine Consciousness.
Allow the Divine to see through you.
Give it your eyes
to see its creation
at work and play.

Thus do you acknowledge and accept
and become its eyes
and, if needed, give it your mouth
and your hands
to illumine the darkness of those
who live in unconsciousness.

He who buried his nugget in the earth
embalmed his consciousness
within this mortal frame
and called it
“my body”;
called the shard of consciousness
“my mind”.

When the time of reckoning came,
this man’s talent went back to its source
and “own body” returned to the dust.

Those who invested the gift
of Divine Consciousness
in its own creation
became one with Divine Consciousness.

They did not look back at their bodies
returning to feed
the Terrestrial Compost Heap
in voluntary dissolution.

For unto every one that hath shall be given,
and he shall have abundance:
but from him that hath not
shall be taken away even that which he hath.


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