‘Going out there is no other,
coming back there is no trace’.
Love and care for one another,
smooth the sadness from her face.

Like Orestes how she travels!
Light-foot ever, onward roams;
as the skein of life unravels,
everywhere she makes her homes.

Loves she keeps in golden cages,
(LOVE she smiles at from afar),
turns (with smiles) her golden pages
(climbs her grass blade to her star).

Still the sadness does not leave her
though she smiles and smiles again
and her gladness like a fever
is shadowed round with wisps of pain.

‘Going out there is no other
coming back there is no trace.’
(Love and care for one another;
smooth the sadness from her face.)

Like Eurydice she lingers
where Pluto reigns as King of Shades
while Orpheus touches gentle fingers
and her sunshine slowly fades.


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