is what we have inherited,
are fed and bound by, have created,
in which we breathe and have our being.

It encourages us to eat
as much junk food as possible
and be as fat and unhealthy as possible.

It is where, when the prisons are full,
no more criminals are sent to prison
(except for tax evasion).

It is officially known as our Democracy.

It forbids us:

To smoke
(in order to help the pharmaceutical companies
in their Crusades against self-medication
so that they can make a profit
out of the synthetic substitutes
they concoct in their laboratories);

To beat our children,
unless we are recent immigrants
with approved cultural differences;

To ride a motorcycle without a crash helmet,
unless we are immigrants of long standing
(but not indigenous),
who have approved cultural differences
regarding the sacredness of our hair;

To decline politely when we are summoned
to put on uniforms and go and kill
people we have no issue with
and have never met;

To decline to give our money
(called pay taxes from the verb “to take”)
when it is used in ways
that are against our consciences:
such as
the manufacture and sale of arms;
the protection of laboratories
which exist for the torture and abuse of animals;
the maintenance of educational
indoctrination centres
to enforce and imbed political correctness
in the minds of our children,
unless we are immigrants
with approved cultural differences;
the protection of certain groups of activists,
called trade unions,
who have approved cultural rights
to bully and blackmail us,
including the right to strike
and hold us to ransom
until they get the extra money
from our taxes they are requesting;

To decline to register the birth of our children
and thereby enter into a contract
with the government
which signs away our parental rights.
This makes our children wards of the state,
so that they can be taken away from us
at any time when the authorities disagree
with the way we are bringing our children up,
and the medical and spiritual guidance
we are giving them.

It also reduces, on an approved annual basis,
the size and efficiency of the armed forces
which are supposed to be protecting us
and uses the money thus saved
as our rulers please;
such as extra salaries and expenses
which they can vote for themselves.

It also allows and encourages
women to play football and behave like men
in any way they please,
without being under any obligation
to fulfil their natural, biological functions
and roles.

How does this differ from Hard Fascism?

Under Hard Fascism, says Gnome,
you can smoke yourself to death,
the streets are cleaner,
the trains run on time,
strikes are illegal,
there is always a powerful army
to protect the country,
only the team captain
is allowed to speak to the referee.
There are always plenty of prisons
and, if they should ever be full,
there are other ways
of eliminating criminals.
You can beat your children
or the government will do it for you.

Aren’t we blessed and happy and free
in our democracy?



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