Let’s pretend, say the children
rushing to the beach,
building high their castle walls
as far as they can reach.

Let’s pretend, say their parents
lying in the sun
that we’ve just won the lottery
and our new Life has begun!

Let’s pretend, say the teenagers,
that we’re tough guys on the run
and steal a beat-up, black Ford Escort
and have ourselves some fun.
And let’s pretend we’re happy
even though we’re not.

Look at Uncle Wu-kih
sitting in the sun,
counting all his blessings
one by one by one.

Let’s pretend we’re Wu-kih
who is only four foot small
but believes that, in the whole wide world,
there is no-one quite as tall.

Let’s pretend that we remember
what we only just forgot;
that at least we know who’s who
though we’re not quite sure what’s what;

that we’re getting on all right,
though inside we know we’re not:
and although we’re getting nowhere,
still we do not care a jot.


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