This flowering of the Human Spirit
is a reaching out
into the empty wasteland
of the egoic mind
in search of
the lost gardens of Eden.

This fruitless endeavour
to fill its wasteland
with memories
of its past (My was)
and thoughts
of its future (My will be)

is stitched together with
the voice in the head
(about me)
and my videos
(about me);

all projected upon
the long forgotten
and unseen background
of Here and Now.

This wasteland is as insatiably hungry
and eternally empty
as the ever-present Eden
is eternally full
and overflowing
with more than enough
for a million universes.

Switch off the Projector
labelled “Thought”
and let the gentle light shine through;
and feel the gentle Peace arising,
eternally forgiving,
and unsought.


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1 Response to SEPARATISM

  1. West Papua says:

    eternally forgiving,
    and unsought.
    Switch on the Projector
    Our thoughts take control again
    Switch off the Projector
    the light shine brilliantly
    nothingness in peace
    overflowing with blissfulness

    what a great poem….the main reason why I visited your blog is the title SEPARATISM, which I though has similarity with mine. I would like to learn about separatism in the context of political science. What I find here is even better….SEPARATISM in a very deep meaning of our humanity.

    Thank you so much for sharing beautiful poem.

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